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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
the last goodbye

I feel bad about this having like a no-good sendoff about tagging jlee (which I'm not sure I did). so here goes! [I am NOT going to say toodles, a la xxfleurxx.] YES I KNOW THE MUSHY TITLE IS SO AWESOME :D

anyway, goodbye, sentimentalist, I'll miss you ):

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tagged a lot of people. too lazy to do them anymore D: basically if I didnt tag you GO RELINK LAH.

and jlee I'm going to tag your blog just for the fun of it even tho I know u alr know :D WAHA.


Go x-sweetintoxicated.bs.com, thank you! and relink!

I'll probably tag on your blog. Yah.

and all that jazz

oh dear, all that jazz is a crazy song.

guy: "is her husband at home?"
girl: "no, her husband is not at home, HARHAR!"

IDK if it's just the version I have, LOL. but it's got a very catchy tune. ruthie henshall is perfect for this. I heard her version before- but she's awfully skinny in the mv for it!

wanted to create a new navi skin but I'm too lazy to correct all the parts that went wrong (a LOT) so I'll create a simple one and use it here :D cos I feel like-

girl: "nobody walks out on ME!"
guy: "sweetheart..."
girl: "don't sweetheart me, you son of a *****!" (oh dear I didn't know this was in the song)
girl: "*mumble* oh dear, I gotta PEE!"

I told you it was crazy. but just the dialogue parts. -.O

anyway. I feel like changing this skin. IDK, I get sick of skins LOL.

Monday, November 17, 2008
bs comp. upcoming

currently discussing a bs comp with zhongxuan or splatted`. considering: rainbow? sunset? movie/music icons? love?

ashley/vanessa comparisons?

no, thank you!
as you can see from the happy pic on the left, it's ASHLEY TISDALE and VANESSA HUDGENS!
to be honest, I'm quite sick of seeing 'Ashley/Vanessa: Who's Better?' or 'Zashley' videos on YouTube.
they're both actresses and singers who have their own strengths. in my opinion, ashley's a better role model in both aspects, but vanessa's got her strengths too. so we shouldn't be comparing them! it's like comparing Jay-Z with Akon or something. they're both musicians, but they've got their own way of life. no use comparing.
ashley's got her own BF. and zac and vanessa chose each other. so we shouldn't intefere with their relationships. it's like if someone comes up to you and says, you shouldn't be dating xx, you should be dating yy. (come to think of it, this zashley thing kind of proves how great an actress ashley is, to come to the point where people believe both of them really ARE a pairing.)

-this has been a crude attempt at posting something that isn't about myself. I think I failed LOL. and as a result posted something that isn't really.. well... good. LOL. I just wasted my time! shucks x_x 1 hour to tuition! AAAAH!-

my day

not much to talk about.
for art, I started on working with oil pastels, which, if you didn't know, are EXTREMELY hard to wash off. thank goodness they came off in the bath, or I'd have gone around for the rest of my life with orange and blue stains on my right hand.

(sidetalk: 1 hour 20 mins to tuition. GAH.)

for humanities, finished TLP (again). am with christine, alex (*mutter*) and loic for this lit. circle activity thing we're doing. it sounds exciting, but not with group members *koffkoff* who keep asking me what to do. it's your role! not mine! read the directions and just follow them! simple as A-B-C. ;_; sigh. I'm the director thingy, same as pichaporn, but she has better questions (I think). LOL. the only questions I could think of was like what does ___ represent and why. stuff like that.

PE: indoor lacrosse! AWESOMENESS AT ITS BEST :D cos it was not so hot. and we got to sit out sometimes cos we had too many players. yay yay yay. srei sat out twice. out of three games. but she claimed she was sick, IDK.

(sidetalk: YOUUUUU GOT A FRIEND IN ME :D disney songs! sorry :X)

spanish: I NEED ALL MY PICS! BLEHBLOOHBLAH. thanks much to jlee and mich for sending me pics (: (LEEN'S ALWAYS OFFLINE WHEN I WANT THE PICS AAAAH.) I need unblur pics of jeremy and jian chong (who was online just now but signed off- DAMN). I have batch pic but IDK if I can use that. if not I'll just ask jorden to send me his pic if he signs on. or... eh... I shall.... think of some other guy I suppose. or loic! or yongmin. whatever.


(bad imitation of rihanna.)

I feel like creating a new blog! but a part of me still clings on to SENTIMENTALIST :D

lalala. oh. coming up: rant about vanessa/ashley comparisons. they irritate me. fuzzfuzz.


She's a former NY BOM, and although she still is from NYGH, she lives temporarily in Bangkok, Thailand, where she studies at ISB MS. She loves her Espanol Uno (Spanish Intro) and Language Arts. She loves the colours red, blue and white (French flag colours, a coincidence). Her favourite Disney show when she was young was the Little Mermaid, but now she likes other movies, like Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Pride & Prejudice, Phantom of the Opera, Penelope, Stardust and Enchanted. She loves listening to pop music and Broadway (and gets obsessive about Broadway sometimes, because it's very emotionally powering). Her all-time favourites are from the Phantom of the Opera (she'd pick Erik over Raoul any day- blame fan fictions) and Les Miserables (she's pro-Marius+Eponine, though she isn't totally against Cosette). Most of the time she'll be making blogskins (she only makes them once in a while now- laziness), reading books or fan fictions here, writing, blogging, listening to music and/or on WLM/MSN. Her name is Grace and you'd be well off not forgetting it. :D

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